Pimp my carpet!


So… lessons from a 2-year-old.

Apparently, I own glitter, which in and of itself is amazing because I. HATE. GLITTER.  Also, Lilly must think my bedroom carpet is boring because she decided that it needed some “glamming up”.  Glitter, meet Carpet.

I notice now the guard-looking action figure standing in front of the box that I can only assume the glitter in question came from.  Fail, guard-guy…FAIL!!

Here is the perp, looking over her work.  Looking a little too happy about it, I might add!

On the bright side, at night, when I use my phone as a flashlight to find my way to and from the bathroom….it’s really pretty!

I know I’m going to have to vacuum this up.  My poor vacuum is NOT going to like this, but episode 2 might be exciting – Pimp My Vacuum!!  Thanks, Lil.  My carpet was bling-y for a little bit!


7 thoughts on “Pimp my carpet!

  1. Your carpet got glitter and mine got sewing needles and thumb tacks? Hardly seems fair. PS – the irony of Lilly’s sewing room mess being dumped right on top of your paint & make-up stains from years past did not escape me. Another “life comes full circle” moment for the family record book. 🙂 Love the new blog, honey! -Mom

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