We’re Getting SEW Crafty!


The spoils!

The kids have been itching to get the sewing machine out and make something.  It’s funny, I remember being a kid and watching my mom get out the sewing machine.  I remember getting excited when my mom or my grandma made something new.  It’s so much fun to see their excitement in picking something to make, finding the fabric and helping create something just for them.  We finally pulled out the box of sewing supplies and the sewing machine and looked through the Pinterest ideas we’d saved. If you want to check my Pinterest page out, click HERE!

We picked two ideas, picked fabrics and got started!

First, we used a simple skirt tutorial from MADE.  Check it out HERE!

What I LOVE about this tutorial:

1) The tutorial is SUPER is easy to follow with pictures at every step.  Anyone with a little sewing machine know-how can use this!

2) It was EASY to customize for my daughter to make it any size!

3) It is easy to make the skirt(s) as simple or detailed as you like.  She has a plan for a single-layered as well as a double-layered skirt.

4) Each step is clearly explained and very laid-back.  You really can’t go wrong!!

Here are the finished products!  I DEFINITELY plan to make many more of these!

Jonah picked a Monster Tooth Pillow from Just Another Hang Up.  Check it out HERE!

We downloaded the pattern, Jonah picked out his fabrics for the face and we got started!

What I LOVE about this pattern:

1) Like the skirts, it was SUPER easy to customize with our own fabrics and additions to the face.

2) The downloadable pattern has all the necessary pieces to make putting the basics together quick and easy.

3) Jonah was able to help layout how he wanted his monster face to look with all the pieces cut out.

4) Now that we have the basic pieces, Jonah and I have been planning other faces to make as gifts for his friends who are also getting to tooth-losing age!

Here is the finished pillow!  Jonah was so proud, he has shown it to all our friends.  He can’t wait to lose his first tooth now! Next time, I’d use a fabric that doesn’t have white in it for the face, but Jonah picked them himself, so I wasn’t about to argue!! 🙂


One thought on “We’re Getting SEW Crafty!

  1. I just LOVE that another family tradition is continuing. I always have the best time sewing with your babies, just as you did with Nana. Now that Lilly’s old enough, we need to put green Christmas tree spritz cookies on the schedule for the holidays. 🙂 Great job, honey! The skirts and tooth pillow turned out really cute. I’ll bet the kids were thrilled to pieces.

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