It’s Cookie Dance Party Time!!


The other day Lilly and I got some much-needed girl time!  BamaBoy took Jonah with him to work to have some boy time.  I wish I’d taken a picture of Jonah dressed for work.  It was awesome!  He was so excited!

Let’s Get This Party Started!!

After a nap and a shower, Lilly and I decided it was COOKIE DANCE PARTY TIME!!  WooHoo!  We turned on our Lady Gaga station on Pandora and got out the cookie mix!  **Side Note for all you who just gasped at the words “cookie mix”: Usually, I make cookies from scratch.  However, I like to keep a few boxes of Pillsbury cookie mix around because a)they are quick and all you need usually is butter and an egg and b)because baking cookies with a two-year-old has to fit into a short attention span!

First, you dump the mix, butter and eggs in:

We did lose 1 egg on the floor when LilBug decided to dance with her egg, but all’s fair in love and cookies, so we cleaned up and kept dancin’!

She loved getting to mix it all up!

So determined!

All that mixing deserves some dancing!

Then we had to drop them on the cookie sheet.  The temptation ended up being too much and Mommy had to help drop the cookies off the spoon.

Baking time!

While they bake- DANCE BREAK!!

My favorite girl breaks it down!!

Amazingly, she waited long enough for them to cool before digging in!

Taste test PASSED!

Thanks for the girl time, Daddy! We had a blast!  And Jonah and Daddy got to enjoy the spoils when they got home from work, too!  That, my friends, is a win-win!!  Have a great week and treat yourself to a cookie dance party!  It’s totally worth it!

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Pillsbury or their cookie mixes.  You are free to use any cookie-making method you wish.  Pillsbury has never paid me or even asked me to represent them. Although, they might be missing out, because Cookie Dance Parties could be the next big thing….you never know. 


2 thoughts on “It’s Cookie Dance Party Time!!

  1. I think you’re on to something. Cookie Dance Parties could be the next big thing. Especially with cutie patootie dance party hosts like Lilly Bug. She’s growing up way too fast. Can we have a Cookie Dance Party next week when I’m there, too? I’d love that. -Mom

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