Fun in the Sun – Splash Pad!


Sometimes in the summer, you just need a day to cool off.  In honor of school starting for us next Monday, here’s some Splash Pad fun to wrap up summer!

Near our house, (dangerously near) there is a large shopping center.  The developers of said shopping center decided to be brilliant and added a large playground, amphitheater and splash pad to the area.  The kids LOVE to be in the water and love to have picnics, so picnic + water + sun = a BLAST!!

It was kind of a DOOZY of a morning, so I totally copped-out and went to Wendy’s for the kids. Mehhh…sometimes you have to go for easy.  We took our meals to the amphitheater and had a picnic in the shade.

Pretty soon, the kids were ready to splash it up!

Lilly wasn’t so sure at first about the splashing, especially in the face, but Jonah showed her how it’s done!

Pretty soon, they were both running and splashing face first!

LilBug isn’t so mad now!!

Ok, splash pad montage!!

I wish I had gotten a picture of them in their Angry Birds towels afterwards, but alas, this is it for now.  Be patient, this week has been crazy!  So much to do and SO LITTLE time!! AHHHH!  I promise, there will be pictures soon of the classroom!


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