Back to School!


Tomorrow is the first day of school and this is the first year that my classroom feels “ready”.  This week was all about working in our rooms and planning for next week.

Our first full day in the rooms was Wednesday – here’s where we were:

The front wall of the room – pretty much done.

This is the front wall of my classroom.  Since I (thankfully) didn’t have to move rooms this year, it was already covered and the tree and lights were still up from last year.  AND, at the end of last year, I boxed all the books up and stuck them on top of the cabinets, SOOOOOO this year once I got the bookshelves moved putting the books back into my library was EASY!!  Bonus!

Lots to be done still.

Last Friday, my dad came up and helped move all the furniture around so it already looked SO much better!  Except for finishing the bulletin boards, cleaning, and doing something with my back wall. See how sad it looks? It really needed some help.  My Pinterest addiction definitely came into play this week.

To brighten up the corner of the room, AND to help label the colors in English and Spanish for my Dual Language kids, I (and my amazing momma) made tissue paper pom-poms.  For the tutorial, go here!

The finished product, labeled in English and Spanish

They turned out so cute!!  And they definitely added a pop of color and interest to the back corner!  In the bottom corner of the picture you can also see a little of the bunting I added to the windows to give them some color too.

Also, I put up the Science Word Wall (Palabras de Ciencias) and the letters for my English and Spanish word walls.  This year I will be teaching 2-Way Dual Language.  I’ll post more about this later, but the basics are:

1) My homeroom and math blocks will be a mix of native-English and Spanish speakers.

2) Language arts is taught in the students’ native language so I’ll be teaching English language arts.

3) Science is taught only in Spanish and Math is only taught in English.  I will teach 2 math blocks in English and my teaching partner will teach 2 science blocks.

Here is the state of the back wall at the end of Wednesday.  Getting there, but still a lot to do!

Great Work is Flying High!

Since my room has sort of an “outdoors” theme, I decided to use the clothespin ideas I’ve seen on (again) Pinterest.  I bought regular wooden clothespins, painted them bright green and used yarn to string them across.  I finally got to use my picket fence border I’ve had for 6 years, too!  Win-win!


Getting a little cleaner now, and I put my line down on the floor to help the kids line up.  This is especially going to be helpful since the line is going to be a lot more zig-zaggy with my desk in the way.  I used orange floor tape.  It’s great because it’s like electrical tape but it comes in TONS of colors! Oh, and I got my lamp set up behind my easel and put light bulbs in it finally!

My lovely, organized classroom library.  Once the kids get a hold of it, it probably won’t look this good.  The yellow-bordered boxes are fiction books separated by type, authors, some are by reading levels or character.  The green-bordered boxes on the left are nonfiction separated by habitat (Oceans, Desert, Arctic, Rain Forest) and Space, Animals, Biographies, My Body, etc.  The big rolling cart is full of big books and will be used as a center during Daily 5 time each day.  The red tub on top is full of Buddy Book sets – 2 books in each that are the same for kids to read as part of Read to Someone – also during the Daily 5.


The back wall is finally (pretty much) done!  The table tubs are organized with pencils, markers and books in English and Spanish.  The math manipulatives are all on the math shelves under the bulletin board.  The blue boards are up to hang math words (and to add more color to my previously sad wall).  The math board is almost complete except for the wipe-off page for the Calendar Talk (yesterday was, today is, tomorrow will be).  We’ll use this board to talk about the calendar, how many days we’ve been in school (and place value) and to have Number Talks about ways to make different numbers.

Last, but not least, here’s the writing/supplies center organized and labeled!

That’s the tour folks!  So far, so good and my class is actually ready for kids tomorrow!  Looking forward to meeting all my new kids and getting to know them!

Good luck to all you parents and teachers starting school this week!


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