5 Day Juice Challenge: Prep Day


Recently, some very good friends of mine bought a juicer and decided to begin “juicing”.  She has since lost 30 pounds and looks AMAZING!  Well, I was sold!

Here’s a little background:

When I was 22 and 23, I could think about losing weight and kind of eat healthy, workout and lose weight like it was nothing.  After I had Jonah I was 24 and I lost 22 pounds in 2 months.  THEN, I had Lilly.  Just like that, those days were over pretty quick.

By the time Lilly was 1, I had gained about 15 pounds that had still not gone away.  I made a concerted effort to begin running, eating healthy, and going to boot camp at our school (SO lucky to have wonderful ladies to motivate me and make working out fun!)  Well, I initially lost 9 pounds over 10 months.  Then, I trained for a Half-Marathon and somehow managed to GAIN 6 pounds.  I went back to the doctor and changed birth control, thinking surely the hormones were an issue.  Nothing.  Actually less than nothing, I gained another 4 pounds.

My motivation this summer was zip.  Every time I tried to get back into working out I had just sort of lost the want.  In the first year and a half, I loved working out!  I felt great and I kept telling myself it would start to make a difference soon.  But the longer it didn’t make a difference, I lost the want, the drive, the fun.  So here we are and boot camp starts up again on Thursday.

In an effort to really make the most of this new school year and my new year of boot camp, I decided that the juicer might not be a bad idea.  I did some research, talked to my friend a LOT and decided that a Reboot might be exactly what I need.  So, tomorrow I start a 5-day juice fast.  5 days of fruit and vegetable juicing.

My current plan is to do a 5-day fast, 5-days clean, healthy eating, and another 5-day fast.  Past that, no set plan.  I know I can commit to 5 days at a time, so that’s where I’m starting.  No ridiculous promises, no crazy 30-day fast, just 5 days at a time to try to get myself back on track.  So, starting today, I’m going to document my journey.  Because maybe if I share it, maybe if I just say this sucks and I’m ready to not feel this way, MAYBE I’ll stick to it.  Maybe it won’t feel so hard.

Enter the WaringPRO Juice Extractor!  My  new toy!

I am in no way affiliated with the Waring Pro company, but so far I am loving my juicer. I wish I had a whole counter of them, but alas, the Waring Pro company has not yet felt inclined to make that happen.

Today, I prepped my juices for tomorrow.  I got the recipes from jointhereboot.com, a website and blog dedicated to teaching others about juicing, rebooting your body and the benefits of juicing. First, I cut up and sorted all the veggies needed for my two juices – the Sunset Blend and Green Lemonade.

Green Lemonade on the left, Sunset Blend on the right

Just as I got these done, though, BamaBoy decided he wanted to make homemade orange juice, so we did that first.

3 1/2 large naval oranges ready to go in.

The finished product – just oranges!!

On to the Sunset Blend Juice.  It’s not my recipe, so I won’t put it on here, but I can tell you it contains sweet potato, carrots, beets with greens, apples, red bell pepper, and orange. I used less beet than the recipe called for because I am not sure how much I like beets.  I was AMAZED at the color of this juice!  I get why it’s called Sunset now, it is a crazy shade of bright orange!!  Awesome!

Look at that!

I put it into my first bottle for tomorrow and had enough left over for a glass for the morning, less work for me!

Now on to the Green Lemonade.  This is pretty much the same as most of the Green Juice recipes you’ll find out there, but it has lemon.  So it has kale, spinach, apples, celery, cucumber and lemon.

What a healthy shade of green!! Woo Hoo!

Mean Green Juice – bottled and ready to cleanse!

Here goes nothing folks!!  5-days of juice.  Wish me luck guys, I’m going to need it!  This week juice, next week back to Paleo!


2 thoughts on “5 Day Juice Challenge: Prep Day

    • So far, Bridgette, I am loving it!! We’ll see how I feel about it a few days in, but I’m willing to try! The green juice kinda tastes like grass, I’m not gonna lie, but it’s made of a ton of leaves so I guess you kind of have to see that coming! 🙂

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