5 Day Juice Challenge: Day 2


So far, so good.  I actually am not hungry.  I do, however, really want to eat.  I find myself really wanting to eat a meal, but I just remind myself that I’m not really hungry and try to drink more water instead.

Last night, BamaBoy decided to make the kids bacon as part of their dinner.  Bacon, really…Confession: I gave in and had a few pieces.  Also, because I am hypoglycemic and was beginning to feel lethargic and off-kilter at the end of the day, I got worried and decided to eat a really tiny dinner of rice and black beans (about 3/4 cup).  I don’t really think it was necessary though and will try a salad or fruit next time.

Today though, was better!!  I tried 2 new recipes and they both turned out really yummy!!
The first was The Green Carrot from ZestyCook.com.  With spinach, cucumber, celery, carrots, and apple this is a nice, sweeter version of the typical green juice.  I ended up using extra spinach, carrots and the whole apple so it would make a little more.  Although I really like the Green Lemonade, this was a really nice alternative and I’ll make it again.

Look at all the green goodness!

The second juice for today was Strawberry Fields Forever from Fern’s Nutrition.  I bought strawberries the other day and searched “the Google” for “juice recipes with strawberries”.  This website came up and it sounded great and let me tell you, it is!!  This is a TASTY, sweet treat and I was actually disappointed when I was done!  Win!!  I will DEFINITELY be making this again!

Mmmmmm, fruity!!

After work, we had to run to the store and I was beginning to feel hungry so I grabbed a small Odwalla Superfoods juice to fill me up!  It did the trick and I wasn’t nearly as tempted by being in the grocery store!

For tomorrow, I going to back to the Green Lemonade and also trying another newbie, the Green Grape and Pear from Join the Reboot!  With green grapes, cucumber and pears, it’s sure to be  a favorite!! I changed it up a little, though because we didn’t have a lime and I didn’t want to use 2 cucumbers.  I used an extra pear instead and half a lemon to replace the lime.  Still light, delicious and fresh!

Light and green!!

Tomorrow will also be an interesting day because boot camp starts back up.  It will be Day 3 of the juice fast and my first intense workout in a while so it should shake things up quite a bit!  I plan to bring extra fruit just in case I am feeling bad and need to balance my sugars in the afternoon pre- or post-workout.

Overall, Day 2 DONE and still feeling good! HOLLA!
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Zestyfoods.com, Fernsnutrition.com, jointhereboot.com or Odwalla.  I have never been compensated for their products or approached for advertising.  They do, however, have great support and recipes for juicing and if you are interested in juicing, you should definitely head on over to check them out!


2 thoughts on “5 Day Juice Challenge: Day 2

  1. Dad

    Good luck with juicing! Mom and I are behind you 100% (way behind). In celebration of the big 30 anniversary we stopped by the “Fresh Local Wild” food truck in Vancouver (http://freshlocalwild.com/). We had the Chicken Fried Oyster sandwich, Salmon and Cod Shawarma, fries, a water, and a Canadian Ale (eh). Now we are searching for Nanaimo bars. Think of us as the Yang to your Yin. See you soon.

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