5 Day Juice Challenge: Day 4


Green Lemonade – My favorite so far! Filling and refreshing!

So it’s the end of Day 4 and I have to say that I am surprised at how well I’m feeling!  The hardest day was definitely yesterday with boot camp!  The juices have all been great and I am excited that I’m already seeing results!!

Yesterday, I had both juices – the Green Lemonade and the Green Grape and Pear during the day.  At 4:00 we had boot camp and by the end I was honestly feeling pretty dizzy, but afterwards, I had more juice and a salad and felt fine.  The only side effect I’ve had so far was a killer headache last night, but I’m not sure whether it’s the juicing, stress (it’s also been a doozy of a week!) or being tired.  But I took 2 ibuprofen and slept more last night and felt much better this morning!

One more day, folks!  But it;s not over yet!  Then it’s on to clean eating as per jointhereboot.com recipes and then 5 more days of juicing.

BUT, WAIT!  There’s MORE!!  As of today, I am down 4 pounds!!  WEE HAW!  I am so pumped and feeling much more motivated to continue!!

Tomorrow, I’m probably going to finish the small bottle of Sunset Blend, have a Green Carrot from Day 2 and possibly a Strawberry Fields Forever!!


Strawberry Fields Forever – sooooooo delish!

I am trying to get my head in the game because it will be the first day we’ll be hanging out with friends and grilling and it is going to be HARD not to snack!  BUT, it’s only 1 more day and I can do ANYTHING for a day!!  Good luck to all you juicers out there, it’s tough not to give in sometimes, but it’s worth it!  Keep up the good work everybody!


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