5 Day Juice Challenge: Part 2


So this week is part 2 of my Total Reboot!

Last week, I completed the 5 Day Juice Challenge and I lost a total of 5 pounds!!  Woot! Woot!  This week is 5 Days of Salads, fruit and veggies + juice once a day!!
This is my life right now:

Photo from jointhereboot.com

So basically, here it is laid out.  Saturday was my last day of the first 5 days of juice.  Then, I took Sunday off to eat light and try to make sure I didn’t cut all foods out of my diet. (I’m trying to avoid the post-reboot body shock many people have experienced from lack of meat, eggs, and dairy for so long.) Anyway, I had 2 eggs and some black beans and was full until about 9pm Sunday night.  Safe to say my stomach’s shrunk I guess!!  Then that night, I had a turkey sandwich that kept me full until well into Monday.

Monday, it was back to the reboot.  I made a Green Carrot juice and took a small salad (about 1.5 cups of greens and shredded carrots) and about 1.5 tablespoons of viniagrette.  This was plenty for the day and I was even able to go to boot camp and felt good!  No light-headed feelings and no weakness at all! (Well, except that I was still sore from last Thursday’s first day back – Wowza!!)

Today, I took carrots, grapes and pears but no juice in an effort to drink more water.  Well, I ate the pears and about a carrot and a half during the day and drank a lot more water – Mission Accomplished!!  I didn’t eat my grapes though, Jonah took care of those after school! 🙂

Sunset Blend!!

Tomorrow, I’m taking a small salad again and probably a Sunset Blend Juice.  So far, I am still losing weight, but not as quickly this week, so far.  We’ll see as we go along and hopefully I’ll have good news to report at the end of this 5-day stint of just clean eating!!

Good luck out there!


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