It’s a Robot Parade!


My kids are always pretending and they have been on a robot kick lately.  We talk like robots in the car, going to bed and even on a kayaking trip!  🙂

Also, it was recently BamaBoy’s birthday.  He got an AWESOME red enameled 6.5 quart dutch oven for his birthday which has worked out very well for me.  He gets a new toy to play with in the kitchen and I got to enjoy all the spoils! HA! Win-Win! Hopefully, I’ll have something yummy to post from it soon! After 5 more days of juice!!

Anyway, the box that the dutch oven came in was a source of fun for Jonah and Lilly – putting toys into it, trying to sit in it and finally wearing it on their heads.  Then the thought struck me – *clouds parting and angels singing* Robot Costume!!

We busted out the foil, a permanent marker and some stickers and got to work with an Exacto knife and some scissors.

Welcome to the Robot Parade!!  Total I think this took me about 15 minutes and the kids had a blast!!

Look at my abs of steel!

Lilly wasn’t sure about this at first, but it grew on her!

Take me to your leader!!



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