Teacher Stuff: Springing into Math!!


Well, I have been absent for FAR too long!! To my defense, it has been a CRAZY BUSY year, but C’est la vie and here we are. May.

We spent the month of April bringing Spring to our walls and hallways.  What better way to work in a little arts and crafts and make Math a little more exciting!!

First up, Flying Fact Families!!


One of the other fabulous First Grade teachers whipped up this pattern for the kites based on this pin she found on Pinterest:


The kids worked with a buddy (that’s why some kites have the same fact family on them.) to create their kites.  Then we hung up giant blue butcher paper outside, I whipped up a sign (the extra time you get when you have a student teacher!!) and we let’em fly!  They have been a big hit with the kids and parents!

My partner teacher also helped us bring Spring to the hall with the students plant diagrams!!  They turned out so cute!  I really like the peek-a-boo effect of the sticky notes.  The kids labeled the parts on top and wrote about each part’s function underneath!20130405_145836
After fact families, we started working on nonstandard measurement, beginning by using unifix cubes.  Well, we couldn’t miss an opportunity to turn ourselves into flowers! DUH!  So we recreated our heights with green string, measured with unifix cubes, attached a flower die-cut to record our findings and hung them up!  Look at us grow!!


The really interesting part of this was that we hung my morning math block’s flowers on the cabinets above and the afternoon block’s flowers on wall across – you can kind of see them on the picture before.  Once they were up, the kids noticed that overall, the afternoon block has taller kids than the morning.  We also noticed they have bigger feet than the morning block when we measured our shoes with blocks.  Interesting connections!! This inspired all kinds of measurement activities to see what other findings and differences they could find!!

Thanks for visiting!!  And I promise not to disappear to long again!! – T


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