Austin Spotlight: Cathedral of Junk



It’s amazing to live in a city for 12 years and still find out about things here that I never knew existed.  The Cathedral of Junk, I’m sad to say, was one of them until about a month ago.  Boy was I missing out!!  Leave it to my dad to find out about this place before me – that man finds out about everything!!

Anywho! One bright Saturday morning while my parents were visiting, my dad got us all loaded up and said he had a surprise.  We headed off toward South Austin, all the time trying to guess where we were going.  Is it a park? No.  Is there water? No.  Have I been there? Probably not.  Finally, we pulled into a little South Austin neighborhood.  Ok, you got me.  No idea.

Located at:

4422 Lareina Dr
Austin, TX 78798

The Cathedral of Junk is nothing short of a growing, ever-changing work of art!  Created and maintained by Vince Hannemann as a hobby, it has turned into a full-fledged clubhouse and attraction for tourist and Austinites alike.  This place is like a real-life Where’s Waldo adventure!  Vince greeted us at the gate and even took the time to tell us about his current projects on the cathedral.  Jonah and Lilly loved getting to talk to him about his ideas and the fort!


Everywhere we looked we found things to talk about – objects from the past, funny notes people had left, and hidden treasures….literally EVERYWHERE!!




The kids, my parents, and I had a BLAST!! The kids have already been asking to go back and see what else we can find!


No trip is complete without a photo in the big chair!!


Jonah was so inspired by the trash-to-treasure ideas in Vince’s backyard that he came home with all kinds of ideas for his own sculptures and creations!

If you are in the area, I highly suggest you go by to visit Vince and his Cathedral!  Also, be sure to bring a few dollars to donate to the ever growing costs to maintain the permits and overall structure!  Keep Austin Weird, y’all – we like it that way!!


For more information about Vince and the Cathedral, visit Roadside America’s article or search for images, some of the photos people have had done there are amazing!  In fact, a friend of mine had some of her daughter’s senior portraits done there and they were beautiful!

Peace out, peeps!  As always, thanks for visiting!! – T


2 thoughts on “Austin Spotlight: Cathedral of Junk

  1. I loved this place. It may seem overwhelming at first glance, but it’s actually kind of magical. Next time, though, I’m taking paint pens so we can leave Jonah Bear & Lilly Bug’s names on that bench!

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