First Grade Fabulousness: Back to School File Share!


Well, most of us have gone back to school!!  Are you ready? I’m NOT!!!  There is a TON to do still, BUT you know I’m good at sharing : ) so I am here for YOU!!  Today is a big day, because YOU are about to get lots you might need for FREE!!  Look how nice I am!!!

Ready, OK!!

You need a Student Info Sheet – because even logging into the student portal takes WAY too long in an emergency. AND even better, it’s in English and Spanish!!


You will need a dismissal sheet because, let’s face it, there are a lot of them and 1 of you!


Need a Clip Chart for your Busy Bees?  My kids loved this one!! Come back soon for more info on how I use the clip chart and how to implement this in a meaningful, consistent way and minimize stigma related to many clip/color chart systems.


If you have the clip chart, you’ll need a reference for parents, so here ya go!


Need an example of a weekly folder chart?  Here’s one!  If you want the editable (word?) file, let me know, but you will need the fonts CK Handprint and MTF Jumpin’ Jack, both are fun and I use them ALL the time!


We are also using a Today’s Number chart each day as a warmup.  Later, we will make them smaller and put them in a folder for kids to do, but for now we are blowing it up, laminating it to use with dry erase markers and doing Today’s Number whole group as a warm up!

* Side Note: The fonts used are Wish I Were Taller and Smiley Monster.


So there you have it!  A few basic files to get you started!  I hope you enjoy them and let me know if I can help in any way!  I know as teachers, we spend WAY too much time creating things specific to what we want!  My philosophy is that I wouldn’t be the teacher I am without the help and ideas from other amazing teachers.  When I create things I use all the time, I love being able to share them with you – in hopes that I can help someone else work a little smarter!  So enjoy and share!!  Send your teacher friends on over!  The more the merrier!!

Here’s to a FABULOUS new school year!!  And remember to sign up for updates to get all the latest First Grade Fabulousness!



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