Teacher Stuff: Math Chart Share!!

Here’s an update on this year:

1) I am still in 1st grade, but with an entirely new team.  It has been a little weird and overwhelming at times, but it’s getting better.  Two of my teammates in particular are so fun, sharing, and just great!

2) Our grade did not have enough students to fulfill Two-Way Dual Language this year, so I’m back to just teaching in English.  My room is still labeled in both languages and some of the charts (like the Working with a Buddy Chart) are still bilingual.

3) JonahBear is in 1st grade too, this year.  Right next door!  I thought it would be totally weird, but it’s been great actually!  I asked him what he thought of having his mom right next door, “I LOVE it!!”  So far, so good!

4) I am the Inclusion teacher and have 5 students that receive support in Reading, Writing and Math.  Which means that my class has a WIDE range of needs this year and we are still settling into how to make this work smoothly.

BUT, that being said.  I really love 1st grade and my kids are funny, imaginative and so much fun!  I can’t wait to share our Writer’s Workshop with you soon!  They are LOVING writing and our Author Studies have really empowered them to create and share their own books!

Today, my friends, is Math Chart Day!


The students and I came up with ideas of what to put on our addition chart after a week of exploring addition with manipulatives, pictures, models, equations, and story problems.

We have one for subtraction, but the photo is MIA right now! (soon!)

Comparing Numbers


I don’t know about your kids, but this concept always gets my kids!  We introduce it with comparing numbers to try to help kids have more time this year to practice.  We made towers, used counters and have incorporated the concept into Problem of the Day each week.


I laminated this chart to keep up all year, sorry about the glare!

2D Shapes

Any 1st grade teachers in Austin?  The EnVisions math adoption goes back and forth between the term “corners” and “vertices”.  We chose as a team to use “vertices” as a bridge to 3D shapes.  Also, the 2nd and 3rd grade EnVisions use the term “vertices” so it made more sense.  My kids quickly picked up the term and knew that it was the math word for corners.  After that, they enjoyed using the term!

And now, for some Halloween fun!

We took advantage of teaching shapes the week of Halloween and made shape jack-o-lanterns! Kids got a template and black die-cut pattern block shapes.  They got to design their own face and then recorded how many of each shape they used.  Next time, I think I’ll add a place for them to label the name of each shape, also!


Here are a few up close!


Worried much?!

Worried much?!

Me so angry!

Me so angry!

That's all for now, I really mustache!

That’s all for now, I really mustache!

See you soon! -T

2 thoughts on “Teacher Stuff: Math Chart Share!!

  1. Ashlee

    I truly love your illustration very crafty…I am currently in school to be become a Teacher for k-3 (wish me well) …continue to keep up the Excitement👍💯😀

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