Pintastic! Rosemary Garlic Artisan Bread


Rosemary Bread

WAY back when I first became addicted to Pinterest I pinned a recipe for Rosemary Olive Oil Bread from A Hint of Honey (LOVE her blog, btw).  Well, for over a year and a half, I have been saying “I really want to make that Rosemary Bread” but FINALLY I got around to it today!  Boy, have I been missing out!  This bread is not only DELICIOUS, but it makes your whole house smell AMAZING!!

I started with her original recipe, but I made a few changes of my own.


First, instead of buying rosemary, I am very lucky to be able to harvest some from our neighbor.  So I sent the kids to do my dirty work – HOLLA!  They harvested about 8-9 six-inch sprigs which yielded more than enough for the recipe and some to sprinkle over the top.  I just cleaned them, took the leaves off and minced them up.  My hands smell sooooooo good!

Also, I used fresh garlic, about half a clove.  I minced it up also, and roasted it slightly in a pan with about 1/2 tblsp olive oil and a tsp of bacon grease.  Yes, bacon grease.  I know, I know, Holy Heart attack, but I SWEAR it will make all the difference to your cooking!  So, I browned the garlic a little, drained it and set it aside for later. It yielded about 2 tblsp – I REALLY love garlic!

When I mixed up the seasonings with the water, sugar, yeast concoction, I used the garlic along with a little dried oregano and basil as her recipe calls for (to replace the Italian seasoning).

Then, I put my little ball of love in a bowl, covered and let ‘er rise for about 45 minutes.

My little ball of joy before and after the initial rising.

My little ball of joy before and after the initial rising.

Instead of using the pizza stone, I chose to use my dutch oven.  Just ’cause.  I floured the bottom lightly, then followed her step to punch the dough down on a floured surface and form a ball again.  This ball went into the dutch oven and got covered for yet another nap.  Lazy dough! About this time, BamaBoy turned on the oven for me at 425 F.

All this rising gave me plenty of time to clean the kitchen.  I LOVE cooking when I also have time to clean as I go.  AND, I got to enjoy an afternoon cup of coffee.  Mmmmmm….  Nothing finer than getting to relax in a clean kitchen!!

Once it was done rising, I put it on the bottom rack (per instructions) and baked it for about 20 minutes with the dutch oven lid ON.  Then, I removed the lid and baked it for another 10-15 minutes.

Pre-egg Washing - Crusty goodness!

Pre-egg Washing – Crusty goodness!

About that time, JonahBear wanted to help since it smelled soooooo delish and he did the egg wash while I sprinkled more rosemary, oregano, basil and sea salt on the top.  We popped it back in for about 5 more minutes and TA-DAAAA!!!  She was done.  And she’s a beauty.  But she’s mine, so I’m biased. 😉

We let it cool in a kitchen towel wrap and finally got to cut ‘er open!  Yum!


This being the first time I’ve made artisan bread, there are a few things I’d change:

1) Slightly more salt to the dough and the top.

2) I’d move the rack up one notch since the bottom got a little over-done.

3) More flour and egg-wash on the top at the end to get an even better crust on the top.

Overall, though, this was super-fun to make and pretty simple!  It takes being home all afternoon, but the kids and I got to play with Legos and hang out so it was totally worth it.  And my kitchen is CLEAN!!

We’re having ours with Spaghetti Pomodoro and Meatballs tonight.  What are you going to have with yours?!

Have a good weekend! – T


5 thoughts on “Pintastic! Rosemary Garlic Artisan Bread

    • Those square plates really make all the difference! It was really good and especially good with the pomodoro!! You’ve got to try this now! Careful though, you’ll be coming up with all kinds of combinations soon! I want to do a cheddar jalapeno next!

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