Teacher Stuff Friday Freebie: What’s Missing?


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Welcome back!  The weather here in Austin has been crazy!  The ice/snow hasn’t been much, but people around here lose their cool when it rains too hard, so you can imagine the panic when it gets cold and icy!  Today, school was canceled because it dropped to 26°F and there’s a 20% chance of freezing rain.  Craziness.  BUT since we’ve already had 2 weather days, we don’t have to make this one up!!  DOUBLE SCORE!!

As promised, I’m adding more teacher stuff to the blog!  Fridays are about to get better with FREEBIES!!  You know I love to share, so everything on here is free to use for personal or classroom use.  Print, use, and share with your friends to your little heart’s content!!  Just don’t go selling my stuff!! ; )

This week, it’s “What’s Missing?” a practice sheet for finding the number that comes Before, After, or Between a given set of numbers.  Amounts go up to 30, perfect for 1st graders or a Re-teach for 2nd graders.  My students used this and loved it!  My struggling students used a 100 chart to help them find the missing numbers.

To get your own copy of What’s Missing, click HERE!

Have a great weekend, stay warm (or cool, lucky!) and come back soon!



2 thoughts on “Teacher Stuff Friday Freebie: What’s Missing?

    • Yes, his class did this, too! Today he’s been relaxing, but last night he read us a bed time story! It was a really hard book, too! My teacher heart soared to hear him telling Daddy about his strategies for figuring out words like interesting, communication and unquestionably!!

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