Teacher Stuff Friday Freebie: Fraction Bingo!


Picture 2Happy Valentine’s Day!!  I hope your weekend will be full of love, chocolate and mushy stuff!…or movies, wine and relaxation, at least!  Today is our class Valentine’s party, which is always fun!  The kids are making Valentine crafts, doing Valentine Math (Sidenote: Pinterest is AWESOME!!) and eating cookies out the wazoo!  Funny thing, when you ask parents for cookies and juice, they don’t play around!!  We already have had them flowing in, so I can only imagine what’s going to show up today!

Anywhoooo, since today is the Day of Love, I figured I’d shell out something big!!  Fraction Bingo!!

**UPDATE: This product has been moved to Teachers Pay Teachers and is no longer free, however, for only $2.50 you can have your own set of Fraction Bingo!

The file includes:

– 22 different bingo cards (2 per page)
– cards for random drawing
– fractions from 1/2 to 5/6 shown in various ways.

* I made sure that there are multiple draw-cards for the fractions that are shown multiple ways so students might get 1/2 twice, but there’s another card for that!

Picture 3

I introduced this to my kids by having them work in pairs, but most of my kids are playing on their own now!  I also made sure to read the fraction as parts of a whole, also, to differentiate for some of my kids who’d mastered parts of a whole.  For example, I would read 1/2 as “one half”, “one out of two” and “one out of two equal parts” as I walked around.  Doing this helped my kids catch on quickly and become independently successful.  All my kids loved it and had a great time practicing fractions.  This could be used for any age, though!  In fact, one of our 4th grade teachers is using this with her class to review before teaching equivalent fractions!!

To download your own Fraction Bingo, click HERE to get your own from TeachersPayTeachers!

Have a great weekend! Eat a sweet treat for me!

– T


2 thoughts on “Teacher Stuff Friday Freebie: Fraction Bingo!

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  2. samira

    Fraction Bingo rules!!! Bingo in general! I like this kind of bingo for kids. I really like educational games! well done!

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