Teacher Stuff: State of the Classroom Address


Alright, it’s time for (another) honest conversation.

You might know about my anchor charts (outed! by the way – see the last post) and having a clean, organized classroom. But it’s time we talk about the truth of the matter.

Yes, my notebooks are color-coded. Yes, my children LOVE to wipe down the classroom with disinfectant wipes and take pride in keeping our classroom clean.

On that note, did you see this?
Kids Clean Their Classrooms and Love Doing it

But we teacher bloggers need to be real with you. When you feel down about your stacks of stuff EVERYWHERE and that moment you need that paper that was JUST RIGHT HERE!! You are not alone. We have those moments too. ALL. THE. TIME!

So, I did something many of us would HATE to do. I took candid pictures of what my classroom looks like. Here it is, folks, my dirty classroom laundry.

DSC00402This is the entry into my classroom. Yeah, lots of stuff just gets stacked and left here.

Poor puppy…And books that need to be reshelved. And, honest to God, I’m not sure what’s in that HEB bag.


The picture vocabulary needs some help. And less humidity.

Since this picture, there is a legitimate pile. This is actually PRETTY organized compared to today.

DSC00398Book boxes. Reminder: They are 6!! with cardboard boxes and an excitement about JAMMING as many books as possible into them.

Book-making is messy. No apologies.

AKA the “stuff I need to put away but…” pile.

So there it is. Yes, I (and my kids) spend time cleaning it all up and I value an organized classroom, but it does NOT look picture perfect all the time. So, pat yourself on the back, breathe easier. We are not super heroes….ok, well, KINDA! but we can’t do it ALL right NOW. So go easy on yourself. Teaching is a messy and wonderful job. Sometimes messy means there are AMAZING things going on and there just wasn’t time to stop to clean.

Keep up the great work! We all need capes….and a glass of wine. 😉



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