About Me


I am a mom of two, a teacher, and a (sometimes slacking…sorry) friend.  My life is crazy – a mess really, but also really wonderful.  Hang on if you dare!

My little boy (JonahBear) was born in December of 2006 and is BESIDE himself to soon be a 3rd Grader!!  *insert choking sounds now* This can’t be true already!

My youngest and LAST (yes, I’m sure.) child is LillyBug who was born in September 2009.  Man, is she a firecracker!  I describe her like this, “It’s like being on a runaway train and all you can do is brace yourself.  We’re in for the ride, like it or not!”

I teach people’s children, I know, right?! Crazy!  I love them and adore them, but trust me, there’s a reason that at the end of the year we load’em up with cupcakes and send them home – tag, you’re it!

Honestly, I love my family and my job.  I am one lucky girl and my life is never dull, always an adventure and no matter how much I might deny this later, I really do love it.  I have it pretty good, y’all.  Now, let’s have some fun!


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