It’s a Robot Parade!


My kids are always pretending and they have been on a robot kick lately.  We talk like robots in the car, going to bed and even on a kayaking trip!  🙂

Also, it was recently BamaBoy’s birthday.  He got an AWESOME red enameled 6.5 quart dutch oven for his birthday which has worked out very well for me.  He gets a new toy to play with in the kitchen and I got to enjoy all the spoils! HA! Win-Win! Hopefully, I’ll have something yummy to post from it soon! After 5 more days of juice!!

Anyway, the box that the dutch oven came in was a source of fun for Jonah and Lilly – putting toys into it, trying to sit in it and finally wearing it on their heads.  Then the thought struck me – *clouds parting and angels singing* Robot Costume!!

We busted out the foil, a permanent marker and some stickers and got to work with an Exacto knife and some scissors.

Welcome to the Robot Parade!!  Total I think this took me about 15 minutes and the kids had a blast!!

Look at my abs of steel!

Lilly wasn’t sure about this at first, but it grew on her!

Take me to your leader!!



Fun in the Sun – Splash Pad!


Sometimes in the summer, you just need a day to cool off.  In honor of school starting for us next Monday, here’s some Splash Pad fun to wrap up summer!

Near our house, (dangerously near) there is a large shopping center.  The developers of said shopping center decided to be brilliant and added a large playground, amphitheater and splash pad to the area.  The kids LOVE to be in the water and love to have picnics, so picnic + water + sun = a BLAST!!

It was kind of a DOOZY of a morning, so I totally copped-out and went to Wendy’s for the kids. Mehhh…sometimes you have to go for easy.  We took our meals to the amphitheater and had a picnic in the shade.

Pretty soon, the kids were ready to splash it up!

Lilly wasn’t so sure at first about the splashing, especially in the face, but Jonah showed her how it’s done!

Pretty soon, they were both running and splashing face first!

LilBug isn’t so mad now!!

Ok, splash pad montage!!

I wish I had gotten a picture of them in their Angry Birds towels afterwards, but alas, this is it for now.  Be patient, this week has been crazy!  So much to do and SO LITTLE time!! AHHHH!  I promise, there will be pictures soon of the classroom!

It’s Cookie Dance Party Time!!


The other day Lilly and I got some much-needed girl time!  BamaBoy took Jonah with him to work to have some boy time.  I wish I’d taken a picture of Jonah dressed for work.  It was awesome!  He was so excited!

Let’s Get This Party Started!!

After a nap and a shower, Lilly and I decided it was COOKIE DANCE PARTY TIME!!  WooHoo!  We turned on our Lady Gaga station on Pandora and got out the cookie mix!  **Side Note for all you who just gasped at the words “cookie mix”: Usually, I make cookies from scratch.  However, I like to keep a few boxes of Pillsbury cookie mix around because a)they are quick and all you need usually is butter and an egg and b)because baking cookies with a two-year-old has to fit into a short attention span!

First, you dump the mix, butter and eggs in:

We did lose 1 egg on the floor when LilBug decided to dance with her egg, but all’s fair in love and cookies, so we cleaned up and kept dancin’!

She loved getting to mix it all up!

So determined!

All that mixing deserves some dancing!

Then we had to drop them on the cookie sheet.  The temptation ended up being too much and Mommy had to help drop the cookies off the spoon.

Baking time!

While they bake- DANCE BREAK!!

My favorite girl breaks it down!!

Amazingly, she waited long enough for them to cool before digging in!

Taste test PASSED!

Thanks for the girl time, Daddy! We had a blast!  And Jonah and Daddy got to enjoy the spoils when they got home from work, too!  That, my friends, is a win-win!!  Have a great week and treat yourself to a cookie dance party!  It’s totally worth it!

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Pillsbury or their cookie mixes.  You are free to use any cookie-making method you wish.  Pillsbury has never paid me or even asked me to represent them. Although, they might be missing out, because Cookie Dance Parties could be the next big thing….you never know. 

We’re Getting SEW Crafty!


The spoils!

The kids have been itching to get the sewing machine out and make something.  It’s funny, I remember being a kid and watching my mom get out the sewing machine.  I remember getting excited when my mom or my grandma made something new.  It’s so much fun to see their excitement in picking something to make, finding the fabric and helping create something just for them.  We finally pulled out the box of sewing supplies and the sewing machine and looked through the Pinterest ideas we’d saved. If you want to check my Pinterest page out, click HERE!

We picked two ideas, picked fabrics and got started!

First, we used a simple skirt tutorial from MADE.  Check it out HERE!

What I LOVE about this tutorial:

1) The tutorial is SUPER is easy to follow with pictures at every step.  Anyone with a little sewing machine know-how can use this!

2) It was EASY to customize for my daughter to make it any size!

3) It is easy to make the skirt(s) as simple or detailed as you like.  She has a plan for a single-layered as well as a double-layered skirt.

4) Each step is clearly explained and very laid-back.  You really can’t go wrong!!

Here are the finished products!  I DEFINITELY plan to make many more of these!

Jonah picked a Monster Tooth Pillow from Just Another Hang Up.  Check it out HERE!

We downloaded the pattern, Jonah picked out his fabrics for the face and we got started!

What I LOVE about this pattern:

1) Like the skirts, it was SUPER easy to customize with our own fabrics and additions to the face.

2) The downloadable pattern has all the necessary pieces to make putting the basics together quick and easy.

3) Jonah was able to help layout how he wanted his monster face to look with all the pieces cut out.

4) Now that we have the basic pieces, Jonah and I have been planning other faces to make as gifts for his friends who are also getting to tooth-losing age!

Here is the finished pillow!  Jonah was so proud, he has shown it to all our friends.  He can’t wait to lose his first tooth now! Next time, I’d use a fabric that doesn’t have white in it for the face, but Jonah picked them himself, so I wasn’t about to argue!! 🙂

Fun in the Sun!


One of the best parts of being a teacher is getting to spend the summer with my kids.  Yes, sometimes it’s hard having only conversations with a 5 and 2 year-old for 5 days straight.  But most days, they are really a lot of fun!  Today we blew up the giant inflatable pool, put out the shade tent, and had some fun in the sun!


It was a blast!  We made lemonade and the kids made “pirate soup”.  Jonah showed off what a total ham he is – ALWAYS!


There was some hugging, which of course turned to wrestling.


Oh, and OF COURSE there was an impromptu dance party, duh!

ImageBeing a working mom is great for 9 months out of the year, but I will definitely take being a stay-at-home mom for 2 1/2 months out of the year!  Especially with these little hooligans!


Pimp my carpet!


So… lessons from a 2-year-old.

Apparently, I own glitter, which in and of itself is amazing because I. HATE. GLITTER.  Also, Lilly must think my bedroom carpet is boring because she decided that it needed some “glamming up”.  Glitter, meet Carpet.

I notice now the guard-looking action figure standing in front of the box that I can only assume the glitter in question came from.  Fail, guard-guy…FAIL!!

Here is the perp, looking over her work.  Looking a little too happy about it, I might add!

On the bright side, at night, when I use my phone as a flashlight to find my way to and from the bathroom….it’s really pretty!

I know I’m going to have to vacuum this up.  My poor vacuum is NOT going to like this, but episode 2 might be exciting – Pimp My Vacuum!!  Thanks, Lil.  My carpet was bling-y for a little bit!