Lions and Tigers and…Mouse


We have a gigantic cat.  His name is Mouse and he’s 9.  Lilly finally outgrew him, but he’s the same size as my parents’ Boston Terrier, Ziggy.  He weighs about 22 pounds  – 22 pounds of pure hunk!  He’s been called a “football with legs”.

Mouse doing his impression of a football. See it?!

He is the BEST cat ever.  Everyone loves him – even people who hate cats.  He’s a lover not a fighter, although BamaBoy tries to convince Jonah that Mouse sleeps all the time because he’s conserving energy to fight crime as CatMan!

I’m sorry, Mouse but I had to prove to Daddy how ridiculous this would be.  Go eat.

For the record, Mouse picked his own name.  Really.  When we rescued him from the shelter we didn’t have a name picked and his name was Rascal (lame.) (Sorry, if you have a pet named Rascal.) We got him home and over the next week we tried out different names.  he didn’t respond to a single one.  Not once.  So finally, as a joke, we called him Mouse.  He turned around instantly.  Fluke.  We waited a while and tried again.  He came over.  From then on, he consistently responded to Mouse so it was a done deal!  Even the cat has a sense of irony.  That’s why he’s so awesome!

He talks too, ask BamaBoy – he has been witness to Mouse and I talking.  He tells me what he wants. To be honest, it’s not hard to guess, but Mouse likes to keep the conversation going just in case you might lose focus between the couch and the food bowl.

This is his “WHO DISTURBS MY SLUMBER” look. Too much Aladdin? Maybe.

He likes to think he’s an indoor/outdoor cat but he’s not AT ALL. His outdoorsiness (new word!) consists of the garage and the front porch.  Proof- once he licked a june bug and gagged.

Not convinced he’s the best? Ok, well, he used to have pets.  When we used to have 2 gerbils he would get them out and follow them around the house.  I don’t know that we ever actually figured out how he got them out once he lifted the screen top to their aquarium, but we have witnesses to their (obviously) assisted escapes.  When he was tired of chasing them or they hid under furniture, he would lay near them so you knew where they were.  VERY handy!!

Mouse LOVES our LillyBug.  Lilly likes to “hug” him which translates to “lay on him” and push him over to snuggle. Like a miracle, he just looks at her and waits for her to be done.  When she finally gets distracted, he either finds a new spot or hides for a few hours but he ALWAYS comes back to her for more.  The cat should be knighted or something!

Mouse in a state of complete relaxation. He even used his tail to keep the picture PG. He’s classy like that.

WELL, now that I have completely humiliated and sold-out my cat online it’s time to call it a day.  Sorry, Mouse.

You’re an odd boy, but a good boy to have around.